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Hello Everyone-


Welcome everyone to Elizabeth and Comp. I am so excited to be sharing this adventure with you. This is my first time writing a blog, so bare with me... lol

When I was two years old, my mom bought me a huge purple rag doll. Little did either of us know that that day would change both of our lives completely. For her, she would be stuck "holding Ziggy" for the better part of the next ten plus years. As for me, Ziggy (how I came up with that name is beyond me) became my world and went with me everywhere. Anyone who knew me, knew about ziggy. My extended family still to this day brings her up and even asks where she is now. I always proudly answer that she (at least what is left of her) is next to my bed, just in case I need her. And yes, sometimes I still do.

My Mom and I when she bought me Ziggy.